I worked as a trader in the financial markets for over thirty years. During that time I worked for many of the world’s largest banks including Citibank, Chemical Bank, Lehman Brothers, Natwest, Nationsbanc (Now part of Bank of America) Swiss Bank Corp, UBS (Twice), Chase Manhattan and Lloyds Bank.

At UBS and Lloyds I ‘blew the whistle’ on conduct that breached regulatory codes, breached the bank’s own policies and conduct that broke the law, including the Fraud Act 2006.

On both occasions I was subject to retaliation and loss of job. Lloyds Banking Group went to extraordinary lengths during a lengthy Employment Tribunal process to destroy me and, as an obvious consequence, my family. A process that I was to discover had been ‘rigged’ from the start. I will explain further in an article dedicated to this Whistleblower issue.

Upon being forced out of the industry, I was approached by a former colleague who was in desperate need of highly experienced persons to provide Litigation Support services for law firms that were bringing large lawsuits against banks and large financial firms.

And so a new chapter and new career began.

(For the record, and avoidance of doubt, my work for law firms generates me an income. This income enables me to provide help and assistance to victims of financial services wrongdoing and the mechanisms that are supposed to be there to protect them (FCA and Financial Ombudsman Service etc.), on a ‘pro bono’ basis. Andrew Bailey (Governor of the Bank of England & former FCA CEO) and others are unable to comprehend the concept of just doing the right thing without seeking remuneration for it.)

However, it quickly became clear just how little anyone that had never worked within the industry, actually knew about what went on within the industry.

There is a simple explanation for this; Those with the knowledge were/are either implicated by the knowledge if it were to be made public, or are still employed by the banks or large firms, or have been forced to sign NDA’s.

Perhaps worse, it also became clear that ‘regulators’ either knew less than they should, or were ‘cherry picking’ that which to reveal, even when they were punishing banks and large firms.

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are a shocking case in point. Little of what they publish is representative of the facts , and for the most part will go to extraordinary lengths NOT to publish highly important information that’s in the public interest and worse, have made multiple knowingly false representations to me and the public when challenged so as to perpetuate that unlawful concealment.

The FCA’s concealment and false representations also enables them to conceal their lack of action in response to reports of wrongdoing. misconduct or criminal acts from whistleblowers, members of the public or highly experienced financial services professionals.

All of the above means that there are numerous people and businesses that know they are a victim, but do not know exactly what they are a victim of, and countless more that do not even realise they are a victim.

Over this pages, I will be exposing the illusions created by the banks, large firms and the regulators, and explaining the facts and the realities.

IMPORTANT: Please note that I am not a lawyer, and none of the content on this site should be interpreted as legal advice. Indeed, my first guidance to anyone is always to seek independent legal advice.

What you will find on these pages is information based upon documented fact, or my own personal experiences, and my expertise gained over a long career within the Financial Markets and the world’s largest banks. I hope this can be of help.